Use Catering to Wow Your Party Guests

Food is one of the main focuses for events like weddings, holiday partys, or other special celebrations. If you are hosting one of these events and are having the food supplied by a San Francisco catering company, you will want the food to look good, taste good, and please your […] Read more »

Home Trends Dinnerware

Home Trends Dinnerware might sound like something you see on a “trending news” feed for Google, but the reality is that the term refers to the actual name of a very popular brand of dinnerware.  The Home Trends line is a relatively recent release, especially compared to the other companies […] Read more »

Pfaltzgraff Patterns: Good for Plates or Platters

The Pfaltzgraff Company has a lot to brag about when it comes to their dinnerware and memorable designs.  Founded all the way back in 1811, this two hundred year old company brags of over 140 current designs available in sets that include plates, cups bowls, and glasses.  These designs vary […] Read more »

What Is Noritake China?

Noritake China refers to a specific type of China produced by an American company that started out with a Japanese factory to produce Western style dishes that came with a more traditional Eastern style of make and design.  The Noritake Company began in 1876 and was based in New York, […] Read more »

How to Increase the Lifespan of Your Precious Designer Tableware

Women have always been attracted towards stylish tableware. Around 1000 years ago, the tableware was made of porcelain. However, today they are made up of several durable materials. Dinnerware sets are useful for all homes, be it simple or fancy. Moreover, you will enjoy serving food with elegantly designed glasses […] Read more »